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Ghibli 993 

​RWB Cananda #28

  • 1995 C2 993 Grand Prix white

  • FDM golden rod with 993 RS shifter

  • Steve Wong chip tune

  • Work Meister M1 

  • Continental Extreme Contact Sport 02

  • KW V3

  • Tarret Suspension Arms

  • Momo Mod .07 Steering wheel

  • RS door cards

  • Bride x Vertex Zeta 3 seats and Rails

  • JL and Focal audio setup

  • Street 993 kit with custom cut rear bumper vents to make the race rear bumper. 

  • Custom valved rear exhaust from header back.

  • Full refresh of all OEM parts still on car prior to build.

IG: @koukidave

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