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It's a 1976 PORSCHE 912 E only 2100 been made a special model that has 911g body look but as narrow width as the f model. 

Its a one year only model that fit the gap for replacement of 914. Its comes with a vw type 4 2.0 aircooled engine. With Nakai's magic touched on agliment set up it feels no different with my stock car and more stable in corners. 

This RWB probably is the most narrow RWB nakai san ever work on. It has a 964 style RWB narrow widebody kit.  Front is the racing bumper with the moving front lip. The spoiler is one off using the rwb duck tail as a wing base custom dry carbon wing stand and double step wing blade with a cross brace. With the Irish green 901 color this car just look like the Japanese lobster ISE EBI, so her name is ISE. 

The next episode will be a fully upgrade flat four engine to drop into it. 


  • Gutted with rennline floor mats and block off plates. 

  • EDIRB 032 carbon recline racing seats with custom fabric insert

  • RS door cards with green pull stripe

  • RRCARO TRIAL JP 4 point harness

  • 964 dash converted

  • Gruppe m stabilize bar



  • PS4S Tires

  • F 18x9      245/35

  • R 18x11.5      275/35


  • Elephant Racing vonshock coilover kit

  • Elephant Racing links & arms

  • Rennline front camber plate. 


  • RWB 964 widebody kit 

  • +Moving front lip

  • +one off custom wing 

  • Rennline Roof rack

  • Retro design lexan duct quarter windows

  • Custom led headlights

  • Custom led turn signals

  • OEM 964 Aero mirrors

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