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Super Musashi

This is the new RWB 993 Porsche, built early during the first week of October by the one and only Nakai-San of RWB. The Porsche, a 993, was originally factory silver when purchased, but was fully repainted and restored. The green currently on the car is also a factory color.

The process has taken a grueling 6 months, as everything on the car that could be updated has been. From the dash, to the lights, to the ROTtec Carbon seats and the upholstery, nothing was left unturned. Before Nakai-San arrived, the car was restored to factory mint condition.

Nakai-San was in Manilla, Philippines, before coming to Vancouver. He stayed a total of four and a half days, working for four of them, beginning those days at 10 am and working straight until 7 pm – if not later. After talking with him, he told us that when he first started building RWB Porsches, it used to take him 12 hours a day for a week straight. Four days is now the standard, and if needed he can rush the whole job in two full days. Nakai-san cut off all of the original wheel arches and installed his RWB wheel arches and the front bumper on the first day.

The second day was for the side skirts, front bumper sleeve, side skirt sleeves and rear bumper. The third day was for wheel alignment and suspension, spoiler and front and side flicks. And the last day was fine tuning suspension and rear wheel arch flares.
Super Musashi is the third RWB in Canada. The first one was Royal Ocean in Vancouver and the second one is believed to be a red one in Montreal that was built earlier this year.

The last day he was in town, Nakai-San had a very early wake up call. His flight was to leave at 11 am, however, there was a weekly Porsche drive on the Sea to Sky Highway en route to Whistler. The meet started at 5:30 am, right around the same time mother nature decided to let the rain pour. Nakai-San drove himself as well as the owner of the new RWB Porsche on the cruise, which was in the neighborhood of 30-40 Porsches. Nakai-San also did donuts as a farewell to everyone in an empty parking lot afterwards.

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